Gail Hoar

The Fells on Lake Sunapee

Zion Park

Eggs Under Glass

Yellowstone Blues

Rainy Lake

montana valley

Adaire – NFS

Sarah and George – SOLD

Snowy Egret

Rufous-sided Towhee

Ruffed Grouse

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Red-tailed Hawks

Pintail Ducks

Pileated Woodpeckers

Long-billed Marsh Wrens



Great Horned Owl


Dark-eyed Junco

Common Raven

Common Puffins

Common Nighthawk

Commonn Loon

Cedar Waxwings


Canada Goose


Brown Thrasher

Blue Jay

Black-eyed Warblers

American Bittern

Bird Book Front Cover

Bird Book Back Cover

Georgia – SOLD

Andy’s Vacation – NFS

Foggy Morning Brooklin Maine

Wilton Woods – SOLD

A Cup of Tea for Joan

Peaches – NFS

Pears for Breakfast – SOLD

Beached Boats – SOLD

Blueberry Boy – NFS oil on canvas

Apple Life

Eggs in a Glass Bowl

Dejeuner Rouge

Ellie – SOLD

North Pack Al Fresco – SOLD

Desserted Isle – SOLD

Len’s Land – SOLD


Still Life with Asparagus

Lemon Tea – NFS

California Lake

Brooklin Maine

Holland Lake – SOLD

Garden Pump at Ann’s – SOLD

Split Rock – SOLD

Forest Trees, Forest Light – SOLD

These Old Trees – SOLD

Forest Light Forest Brook – SOLD

Old Tree

Forest Light Gnarled Tree